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Providing Complete Septic System Services


Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning Having your Septic Tank Pumped and Cleaned by having A-1 perform our complete septic system services thoroughly every 3 to 5 years.  Having us out to perform routine Septic System Service, including Septic Tank Pumping, Septic Cleaning and Baffle and filter cleaning will improve your septic system’s efficiency, keep it running smoothly without messy backups and costly repairs.   But using a quick “get in and get out” pumping service could spell costly trouble down the road.  To find more information about our septic tank system pumping services and to get a good idea of how the septic system works go to our septic tank pumping services page.

Real Estate Septic Inspections and Certification – We are the only Septic system Inspection firm who can perform ALL Septic System Inspections and septic system services that are needed.  When you hire A-1 to perform the Real Estate sale septic system  inspection for the sale of your home, we also pump out the Septic Tank during the same appointment because we hold ALL licenses through PHSKC needed to perform the septic system sale  inspection, septic tank Pumping, septic system Repairs (if needed), As-Built Drawings and have an in-house Professional Engineer Septic System Designer, if an extensive septic repair design is needed.  With other septic service companies,  you will need to hire all separate companies to perform the septic sale inspection and septic tank pumping and then a separate company to do a repair if needed.  Find more information about our Real Estate Sale Septic Inspections at our Septic Inspection page.

Septic Tank Lid Locating and Digging -our expert septic system services technicians can locate & dig up the Septic Tank lids for an additional fee. In a rare situation, excavation for your Septic Tank Lids requires heavy equipment and special care to protect your home and home site. Our expert Septic System Services Pumping and septic Repair Service crew will provide careful excavation of your Septic Tank Lids weather with a manual shovel or a machine. Find more information about our Septic Tank Lid Locating and Digging at our Locating and Digging page

Electronic location of Septic Tank lids – Sometimes it is necessary to locate the Septic Tank lids electronically.  After exhausting all other methods to locate the tank lids manually, we can use our electronic septic tank lid locating device for an additional fee.  The use of the electronic locator is a last resort.  The owner of A-1 Septic System Services is a master at finding the septic tank lids and very rarely do we have to use this device.

Septic Pump Alarm Service – Is your Septic System Pump Alarm going off?  Call us for prompt response and to keep you from experiencing a messy septic system backup.  Lets get your septic system functioning properly again.  There are many different situations and factors that can cause your septic Tank pump Alarm to sound.  This may or may not require a septic system services – service call – or a pump replacement, pump or float repair. We will troubleshoot the situation over the phone to determine if there is a need for a septic system services – service call or if the problem is a simple flip of a switch that we can walk you through. We are committed to your satisfaction with our customer service performance.  Find more information about pump alarm situations at our pump alarm troubleshooting page.

Septic System Repair Services – We provide complete troubleshooting and septic system repair services throughout King County.  There are always many factors that go into finding the true problem of why a septic system and/or drainfield has failed.  In order to determine why the septic system has failed the septic system owner will want an expert who knows all facets of the septic system.  A-1 Environmental septic system services is just that.  We have been providing all septic system services since 1990 and are the industry leader for septic and drainfield repair, septic installation, septic tank pumping and real estate sale septic inspections.  Your drainfield can fail over time or can become damaged by excess water, plants and shrubbery, vehicle traffic and parking, and for a variety of other reasons. It’s critical to have a failed, Septic System drainfield or damaged septic system addressed in a timely manor and restore your septic system quickly and efficiently. We provide expert Septic System repair services for any kind of drainfield failure or damaged Septic System and drainfield.

Our main goal for our customer is to find the most economical way to repair the septic system and drainfield as possible.  We work with our WA State certified septic system designer to find the best and least expensive route for the septic system repair as we can for our valued clients.  find further septic system repair information at our septic system repair page.

New Septic System Installations We are King County Master Installers. Our professional licensing includes every and all septic system types designed for the state of Washington.  You can count on our Professional Septic Installation Services for your new Septic System Installation.

We specialize in critical sites and limited space installation, Repairs and Designs! If you have a difficult site or others have told you that a Septic System is impossible….. no worries, A-1 will provide expert, efficient & satisfaction guaranteed installation of you septic system. When other companies can’t or wont, we always come through for our clients!  Our King County Septic System Master Installer and staff have a “whatever it takes” attitude for all of our clients.  find more septic system installation service information at our septic system installation page.

Septic Install Coordination ServicesOur Install Coordination service is part of our standard Septic System installation services.  With other companies, you are on your own but with A-1 we do it all for you for as part of our excellent customer service goal.  Your install coordinator takes care of you every step of the way... From your 1st raw land service call, obtaining your system design, bid proposal process (we will meet or beat any other Apples to Apples bid), notarization & recording of county documents, permit submission and retrieval, inspections & scheduling. When you choose A-1 Environmental as your Septic System Installation Company, you truly receive first class service and “one call does it all” service.  Septic System Installation Page.

It is our mission to make the installation process as easy and painless as possible for our customers! When quality, courtesy & Convenience count, you can count on A-1.

As-Built Drawing and Retrieval – If an As-Built needs to be drawn for your Sale Inspection Darren will draw a certified As-Built to be turned in with your certification paperwork (Fee applies).  If King County has an As-Built on file for your property, your pumping and inspection Coordinator, Melissa, will obtain a copy form King County for NO Addition fee.  If your home was built prior to 1971, King County Health may NOT have an As-Built on file and we would need to draw a certified As-Built for your septic system if you are selling your home.  more info on As-Built requirements can be found on our Real estate sale septic inspection page.

Septic Maintenance, Maintenance contracts – You can rely on us whenever you need a Septic System or Drainfield repair, and whenever you are required to have your King County Septic System  maintenance Inspection completed and turned into King County Health Dept.  We are licensed through King County as an Operation and Maintenance Professional to contract and perform your OSS Maintenance Contract required by the King County Health Dept.   We repair and maintain all wastewater systems.

Septic System Design – The design of your septic system is important because it not only needs to meet your families needs but also must adhere to Title 13 and King County building codes as well as we work hard to find the most efficient and ecconomical septic system for your home.  Improper design can lead to expensive redesigns, numerous site applications and cost overruns down the road.  You want a septic system designer who will get it right the first time!

Site Consulting – Need a difficult septic problem solved? Planning a new home or new housing development in an unsewered area? We can help answer all your septic questions. When choosing your excavation contractor for your property it is very important that you choose the right person for the job. Our Master Installer should be consulted prior to any excavation of your home site happens.  If  your excavation company does not meet with our master installer to mark out your Designated Septic System area, you are looking for trouble. Your septic system design area should be staked and fenced off prior to any excavation of the property starts! If your system site is disturbed in any way, your design will be void and your property may become unusable. This is a very costly mistake made by many custom construction home owners. A-1 environmental knows the rules and regulations and will help you protect your site when excavating for your home and landscaping.


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