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Septic System Repair and Upgrades

Septic System Repair Septic System Repair

You can rely on A-1 Environmental Septic System Repair Services whenever you need a Septic System Repair or upgrades. We offer Septic System Repairs, upgrades and Septic Maintenance for all Septic Wastewater Systems in King County.   When you are planning an addition to your home, most likely the Septic System that is in place now will need to be updated to current code prior to approval of your building permit.  If your planned addition encroaches on the setback for your Septic Tanks or Drainfield, those components will need to be moved or the drainfield replaced with a new system if the current Drainfield size in not adequate for the addition of bedrooms or bathrooms.

A-1 Environmental Septic System Repair Services offers any and all Septic System Repair needs.  Typical Septic System Repairs include:

  • Septic System Repair
  • Drainfield Line bottle brushing
  • Drainfield Repair
  • Complete Septic System Replacement
  • Sand Filter Bed Replacement
  • Septic Pump Replacement
  • Septic Pump Alarm Calls
  • D-Box Replacement
  • Septic Tank Replacements
  • Tight Line Repair
  • Baffle Replacements
  • Septic Lid Riser Installation


If you are experiencing problems with your Drainfield – Give us a call, we are here to help and will do our best to get you back in the flow as soon as possible in the most easy and painless way possible

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Septic System Repair

When the Septic System has trench failure as seen in the pictures below, most of the time, the only option is to have a septic system repair done to replace the failed Drainfield.  Our King County Septic System Repair & Installation crew will provide expert  Repair and installation of a new drainfield and get you back into the flow in no time flat.

Septic System Repair Septic Tank Services

Septic Tank Replacements

We can troubleshoot the situation and determine if a Septic Tank will need to be replaced. The current Septic Tank will need to be pumped and decommissioned.  A-1 Environmental Septic System Repair Services provides expert Septic Tank replacement, Septic Tank Pumping & Decommission service.

When a Septic System Failure happens, Owner, Darren McCullough takes pride in finding the most economical solution for the homeowner as possible when it comes to replacing or repairing a failed septic system.  See theSeptic System Installation page for more information on our Septic System Installation Services.

A-1 Environmental Septic System Repair Service is your local experts in King County for Septic System Repair, upgrades, Remodels & Replacements.   Find out how to prevent Septic System & Drainfield Failure at our Septic System Homeowner Education Page.

Septic System Repair Process

In King County there is a process that A-1 Environmental Septic System Repair Services must adhere to.  As a reputable, Licensed & Certified Septic System Repair firm, all repairs go through the King County Health Department Repair Proposal Process.  This process includes submitting a “Repair Proposal” to PHSKC for approval.  The time frame for approval of the Septic System Repair Proposal will depend on the complexity of the repair and urgency of the situation.  In most cases, the approval will happen within 2 weeks.  Simple Septic System Repairs such as a baffle replacement, Pump replacement or D-Box replacement are completed at the time of discovery and then reported to PHSKC, as there is no need for approval on these limited Septic System Repair situations.

What to do if you have a septic system failure

All septic systems have a limited life expectancy, so one can expect that they will fail at some point in time. Failing septic systems can expose you, your family, pets and your neighbors to bacteria and sewage. Sewage contains pathogens and viruses that can cause disease. Sewage can also contaminate ground and surface water possibly polluting wells, rivers, streams or lakes near your home.

To keep your Septic Tank System healthy and functioning properly, check out our failure prevention suggestions at our Septic System Homeowners Education page

Septic System Failure warning signs – When you see the following warning signs, its time to give us a call to evaluate your situation and give you a solution!

* Bad odors around the drainfield area especially after heavy water use or rainfall
* Very wet spots with lush green grass growth over the drainfield or septic tank areas
* Standing water in the drainfield area
* Plumbing or septic tank back-ups
* Slow draining fixtures
* Gurgling sounds in the plumbing system

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms of Septic System failure….give us a call, we are here to help.

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