~ Homeowner Association Septic System Education Seminars ~

4 October 2011, Comments 0

~ Homeowner Association Septic System Education Seminars ~

Provided by:

Darren & Lisa McCullough (Owner/Operators)

Septic Systems Northwest, LLC

A-1 Environmental Service, LLC

Lilly’s Septic Service

Darren & Lisa can speak at your next homeowners association meeting on the use and maintenance of your Septic Systems & basic Septic System homeowner education.  Most homeowners are not educated on the use and care of their largest underground investment.  The septic System is one of the most important and vital systems operating in a home.  The importance of proper use and maintenance cannot be stressed enough.  Book Darren & Lisa to speak to your homeowners association meeting today.

For more information about the Homeowners Association Education Seminars and to book your meeting date contact our office at: 425-861-6978

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